Top 10 breakthroughs in recent advancement in science and technology-2019

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When there is Development in technology ultimately it leads to advancement in Science and helps in bringing revolution in mankind. Several fields including medicine, agriculture, industries are benefited when there is success in development of science and technology.  

A number of significant scientific achievements have occurred in the year 2019.  In the field of research in science and technology, 2019 was amazing. The most mind-blowing discoveries include an image of black hole and to the controversy surrounding the designer babies concept. Let us find out more about recent advancements in technology. 

1. Designer Babies.

Jiankui He, a Chinese researcher with his team at the southern university of science and technology of China claimed that they have genetically modified the embryo of twin babies. The experiment was carried out with the intention to help the families and children to protect the babies from HIV infection later in life. He specifically,  deleted a region of receptor on the surface of white blood cells known as CCR5 using the emerging gene editing tool crispr-cas9.  Also He assured that if  any unwanted side effects or harm happens he would feel the same pain as they do and it’s going to be his responsibility. 


2. Corneal transplant using iPS cells

Medical research undoubtedly reached to its new heights.  Scientists from Japan were successful in creating an incredible feat of medical advancement. The researchers from Osaka University in Japan performed the first-ever corneal transplant in July, using reprogrammed stem cells(iPS cells). Corneal disease is a serious condition of the eye that can cause clouding, distortion, scarring and eventually blindness. This Discovery holds promise in future to repair damaged cells without getting dependent on deceased donors. The team in Osaka believes that one surgery and transplant is enough to restore vision for a lifetime.

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3. Bio-glue holds on to post traumatic bleeding in seconds

Chinese researchers are taking Medical Science to a whole new level. Recently a new innovative bio-glue was invented that promises to save many life. A team led by researchers from Zhejiang University and East China University Of Science And Technology designed Bio-glue. When this bio-glue is placed on an open wound it  rapidly morphs into a non-toxic hydrogel, preventing blood from flowing out. If such bio-glue comes in the market it would create happy surgical endings. Also, it would be a good-bye to those long surgical procedures of needles, scissors  and band-aids.

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4. World’s first 3-D printed heart

This discovery is a major breakthrough in the medical field. This was the first time the scientists successfully engineered and printed a whole heart replete with cells, chambers, ventricles and blood cells. Heart diseases is the number one and major cause of death among people. 3-D bioprinting promises to be a futuristic approach when organ implantation is on huge demand. 3-D bioprinting also proves to be a novel invention where there is no longer need of living or deceased human donation or animal transplantation.

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 5. Bacteria produced- graphene could make your computer 1000 times faster

Researcher are always at the upfront in creating a new and more efficient computers, medical devices and other high speed electronic gadgets. Hence to provide this the researcher are digging at nanomaterials that showcase unique properties.

The approach to produce graphene with the help of bacteria requires plenty more of research. The scientists here hired  Shewanella oneidensis bacteria. In order to produce large amount of graphene, meyer and her colleagues started with a vial of graphite. The team fed these bacteria with graphene oxide,and mean while in the incubation period bacteria reduced the Graphene oxide to a graphene material. We hope with this discovery our next generation laptops have a taste of bacterial DNA too.

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6. Cyborg botany turns plants into electronic devices

Cyborg Botany is a process which turns plants into electronic devices. Plants carry highly advanced systems to sense and respond to the environment. The researcher thinks that it is possible to replace electronic gadgets with plants using its functionality. The goal of cyborg botany is to hack the biological processes of living plants and merge them with artificial electronic functionality.  So for now the plants won’t have to sit passively. Very soon plants will  have to become interactive parts of a room. It might be possible that these plants might come into practice and replace our E-gadgets.

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7. Injury recovering using stem cells

New research reveals the existence of tendon stem cells that could potentially be harnessed to improve tendon healing and even to avoid surgery. According to research, it is claimed the existence of tendon stem cells. These cells are potentially harnessed to improve tendon healing. The research seems to be in its initial stage. And has a long way to be accomplished in order to get a clear understanding of tendon stem cells. If the existence of tendon stem cells is discovered completely with the latest technologies. Then it could be used in repairing of injuries which could avoid even painful surgeries.

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8. Diabetes could be treated using “Super Grafts”

To save patients with a severe form of type diabetes, pancreatic cell transplantation is the last resort. However, the transplant process is long and complex: a significant part of the grafted cells die quickly without being able to engraft.  Scientists have found the solution  in creating more super robust islets of Langerhans. By adding amniotic epithelial cells to these cell clusters, researchers have succeeded in creating much more robust ‘super-grafts’ of islet of Langerhans. Since the use of amniotic epithelial cells is already common in other clinical settings without adverse side effects, this could be done relatively quickly. An important hope for all those awaiting a transplant.

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9. Tooth- decay? Grow a new tooth using stem cell in the near future

Researchers discovered a new way to replace the damaged teeth. The innovative method is far from drilling hoes and patching up. Here the researchers could coax out pearly white tooth to grow themselves. The researchers regenerated tooth in mice. Suppose this is brought in practice then it would be one of the important advances in history.  According to researchers stem cells can be manipulated into becoming virtually any type of tissues and cell. That is why I consider stem cells to be the gems in the medical field. If this study is carried out further and after human trials, if it is accepted where there is no  complication then it could prove to be the ultimate foundation in tooth repair. Also, it will help patients with teeth decay, tooth breakage in case of injuries etc. 

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10.  Stop stubble burning, Microbes could add value to agriculture waste.

Nowadays air pollution is becoming the topic of concern. To combat, scientists have developed a fermentation technique which could help in the cutting off the air pollution. Burning of agriculture waste gives rise to air pollution. A team of researchers in Brazil and the UK has developed a fermentation technique to turn agriculture waste, such as wheat straw, into a valuable chemical used in the fragrance industry. Such initiative is highly recommended in developing countries. This research will not just create product using microbes, but also it will help in cut-off the pollution. In countries like India the agriculture waste in burnt which disturbs the ecosystem. Initiatives like this, where agriculture waste is converted to coniferol, with the help of bacteria is the need of the hour.

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“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” – Edward Teller

Science plays a vital role and has a great impact on our lives. Just imagine lives without science! Imagining a world without science in not just difficult but surviving seems to be impossible. If we lack technology, we wont be able to enjoy things that make our modern world possible. Science has nurtured us from the starting and it will be in its existence till the end of times. Every year we are blessed through one or the other discoveries which makes our lives convenient and fascinating. I would like present a heart-full of gratitude towards all the scientists and technologists who work hard and bring about revolution through their inventions. 

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