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The prime importance of life is food, we are what we eat. Nutritious food not only maintains the body’s health but also equally has a great effect on the wellbeing of mind.
So how safe and how nutritious are our foods? 
To know how the present foods deviate from the past, you should probably ask your grandparents or the elders of the family. The answer I got was, today’s food is all about appearance irrespective of its nutrition value.

Yes, eating habits and the quality of food has changed drastically in the last couple of decades. Many are being altered to enhance taste, colored to attract the foodstuff and added chemicals to preserve them longer.
My concern is, do we really need to have fancy colored foods at the risk of our health?
Agree on it or not, the use of technology is getting inherited within us. Advancement in technology and research are increasing our awareness in the food industry.
The present and controversial use of technology in food is genetic engineering which results in genetically modified food (GMO).
So how much do you know about GM foods?
In today’s article, I will generalize about genetic technology, the GM foods, companies who are producing it and will raise concern regarding. We will also see how illegally it has entered our country.
We all admire the recent advancement in technology, isn’t it?
But do we at the cost of our health. Certainly not.
So what is genetic engineering?
Direct manipulation of DNA in an organism or plant which changes its character in a particular way is called genetic engineering. It also means by altering DNA, the originality of an organism is lost.
To know more about its working refer to the article Genetic engineering 
Now let us know about Genetically modified organism GMO.
GMO is plant, animal, microbes, or any other organism whose genetic makeup is modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering technology. And the food produced out of this plant and animals is known as genetically modified food or GM foods.
So how safe is GM foods?
Monsanto and Bayer, the worlds biggest hub of genetic engineering corporation insist it is safe!
Let us look at the history of these two companies, the present largest organization which dominates over our food supply.
In an America-Vietnam war in the year 1955, Monsanto produced a chemical known as agent orange and supplied to US military which was the deadliest chemical. Because of this notorious chemical and its byproduct, millions of Vietnamese continue to suffer health conditions often leading to deformities which are passed in future generations as well.
In 1941 Bayer introduced a deadly gas which was used by Hitler to kill people in his gas chamber.
Now, these two companies are leading in the food industry and control the supply of food worldwide. How ironic is that!!
To know about how safe is GM food, a study by a group of scientists from three different institutes namely, Surkov’s Institute of Ecology, The Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Association of Gene Security jointly conducted experiments.
The study was conducted on hamsters, four sets were made out of these two sets of these tiny creatures were fed normal natural soy and rest two were fed with GM soy for two years and almost three generations.
The results were devasting and it would certainly uproot multi-billion dollar industry.
The results of GM food fed hamster showed slower growth and had a fertility issue. By the third generation, hamster had lost the ability to have babies. Some even had hair growing inside the mouth which is rare naturally but prevalent amongst hamster eating GM soya.
Since the body function of human is almost the same as that of hamster you can imagine the effects we human will have after consuming this food.
Case studies

Thousands of German farmers and their supporters from Germany have protested at Berlin, calling for healthy, natural and environmentally friendly food and attempts are made to ban GM crops. 
·    Americans have been eating genetically modified ingredients in most processed foods since 1996. Recently after citing in animals studies which implied organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune disorders the American Academy of environmental medicine urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for patients.
·    In India food safety and standards authority of India had told the supreme court that GM foods are not allowed in the country, yet GM soybean and canola oils are being imported in India illegally.
And shockingly most of the gm food ingredients go unlabelled. We, Indian consumers, have the right to know what’s in our plate.GM labeling either does not exist or misrepresented.
In the name of technology and going against nature, destroying humanity will not be appreciated.
GM foods were actually launched to combat hunger and to provide to the growing population.
My point of view is nature has provided since the beginning of humanity. Many have come and gone, and many will come in the future, still, the earth will provide and fulfill us. By altering nature, genetically destroying the originality of an organism what we can achieve is the detrimental effect of it on us.
I recognize that the biotechnology industry is vital but approach towards GM foods needs precautionary principle.
Let me know your concern about our food safety certainly comment below.



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