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Techon bio details about the Recent advancement in science, health, medicine and technology. Techon Bio also serves to be an articulate website which believes to express thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. The details on particular topic are gathered from websites of leading universities, scientific journals and research organisation. Content in this article is aimed at an audience from the diverse field so that, they are updated regularly. Cases are studied thoroughly from various respectable and credible sources through the internet medium and it is represented to the audience in a simple and coherent form. After analysing and drafting the case study of a particular field we also come up with our own point of view which includes ethical issues and concerns regarding that particular technology. The comment section below every article also welcomes concerns and point of view from the audience as well. Links to sources, images and relevant journal citation where ever available are included at the end of every post. Techon Bio is an educational website, here we do not sell any product or services. All the articles available on this website is free of cost and do not require any prior registration. If you choose to subscribe to this website through E-mail, please note that we do not sell your details to any other parties. If you would like to contact us, please refer our Contact Page.

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Hey everyone! welcome to Techon Bio.

I am Nagama Nadaf, who is crazy about technical stuff. Since childhood Technology had remained my passion. I would always think about how certain things happen or work.

Research is my passion so I always hunt out what is new in the crowd.

Being a biotechnology engineer, I focus on advancements related to my field of study.

Also Being a mother, besides giving priority to motherhood I spend remaining quality time in updating myself on recent advancements in technology.

Though I have zeal towards recent discoveries, I also have an urge to caring by sharing the information.

I didn’t know it was possible but blogging provided me with the sense of freedom of sharing. And, to be honest, I have also found a living, by blogging.

I am a girl who is not an introvert! but clad in burkha and niqab.

and always try to reach out to the minds of people.

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that’s it for now take care, see you next time

Drafted by Nagama Nadaf
 A technophile who is crazy about technology and passionate about blogging. 
I care by sharing recent advancements in technology and try to reach out to the minds of people
Nagama NADAF