Are u fond of leather? Who is not!  Everyone is fond of leather. The leather signifies standard and fashion. Besides it serves the basic purpose of shielding us or our goods. But to get leather you need a cow or any other animal, this process of extracting skin is pretty much from the beginning of time. But Would not it be amazing if u get leather without the whole animal of flesh, bone, blood, and guts?
Yes, the future of leather is not from an animal but from the lab!!

With the innovative spirit, a start up a company called as modern meadow the new Jersey-based startup has come up with the resolution of fabricating leather and hopefully it will be in your store the next subsequent year.Zoa, the new wonder man-made material is not on the verge to replace or imitate leather but rather it serves to be a new and improved version of it.

Traditional extracting of leather still relies on the lives of a cow for their skin which most of us find unacceptable. An innovative solution to this problem is the ZOA brand, which is grown in the lab with the properties of genuine leather and doesn’t need any cow!

The bio-leather brand is the world’s first lab-grown that is harnessed from genetically engineered yeast. Though this is from engineered yeast it looks and feels just like leather, and the main advantage of it is “animal-free collagen”. A key component of leather is a protein called collagen which is found in animal skin.  collagen can take on several different textures of material which positively give a scope of innovation for manufacturers and designers.Modern meadow’s impressive science of making man-made leather took place in a former pharmaceutical lab in Nutley, new jersey. Initially, the co-founders–Andras Forgacs, Gabor Forgacs, Karoly Jakab, and françoise marga took skin cells from a cow and cultivated them in large quantities and then the team put their effort into producing collagen, the main component in leather. Here the team edited the yeast gene to create a new yeast which used to eat sugar and spits out collagen. Once the collagen is har­vested, it is reverted from a liquid into a solid, fibrous material. Modern Meadow can custom-­design the structural and aesthetic properties of the leather, whether it’s stiff or stretchy, thick or thin, textured or glossy. The leather starts as a liquid and can be poured into any shape or pattern, or even used as a glue to the bond fabric.  To conclude I feel we need to look at this product, not in terms of price, but in terms of the process and the technique used. There isn’t seems to be a lot of waste. And according to Forgacs, the entire leather-creating process takes two weeks, which makes it much more efficient, higher quality, and more cost effective. Leather being the favourite fabric, because of its strength and durability there is a hope we find lab-made leathers in our wardrobe by next year.
                                Drafted by Nagama Nadaf
A technophile who is crazy about technology and passionate about blogging.
I care by sharing recent advancements in technology and try to reach out to the minds of people

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